About Me



    Four Basic Rules

    1. Be on time

    2. Do what's right

    3. Do what's asked of you

    4. Clean up your mess


    Grading Guidelines

    1 Day Late – Subtract 15 Points

    2 Days Late – Subtract 30 Points

    3 Days Late – 0 will be earned

    • Late work begins the day the assignment goes into the gradebook.
    • All students will have the opportunity to make up work from an excused absence. The student will have the same number of days they missed plus one to make up for any missing work.  So, for example, if the student is absent for two days, they will have a total of three days to make up all missing assignments.

    Homework - 40%

    Test/Project - 60%

    Quiz - Two Homework Grades


    Your Schedule

    1st Period - Athletics

    2nd Period - Geometry

    3rd Period - Pre-AP Geometry

    4th Period - Conference

    5th Period - Math Models

    6th Period - Pre-AP Geometry

    7th Period -Geometry

    8th Period - Athletics


    Contact Information

    Email: trivers@pilotpointisd.com