Coach David Lay-Head Girls Basketball Head Girls Track



Degrees and Certifications:

BA ---University of North Texas MBA ---University of Florida Principal Certification --- Lamar University

Coach David Lay-Head Girls Basketball Head Girls Track

This is Coach Lay's first year at Pilot Point High School. He will serve as a mathematics teacher and the Head Girls Basketball and Head Girls Track coach. He has previously taught and coached in Fort Worth, Frisco, Denton, and Lewisville School Districts. 


Coach Lay's Schedule:

7:55-8:40              1st Period: Athletics          

8:44-9:32              2nd Period: Math Lab

9:36-10:21            3rd Period: Geometry                    

10:25-11:10          4th Period: Geometry       

11:14-11:59          5th Period: Geometry     


12:33-1:18           6th Period: Geometry 

1:22-1:57              Study Hall      *Students will remain in their 6th period class for Study Hall.     

2:01-2:46              7th Period: Conference     

2:50-3:35              8th Period: Athletics       


The 4 Basic Rules

Be on time

Do what's right

Do what's asked of you

Clean up your mess



Late Work:

One day late-  15 points subtracted from graded paper

Two days late-  30 points subtracted from graded paper

Three days late-  student earns a 0

*Policy goes into effect once the teacher has posted grades.


Make-Up Policy:

All students will have opportunity to make up work from an excused absence.  The student will have the same number of days he missed plus one to make up for any missing work.  So, for example, if a student is absent for two days, he’ll have a total of three days to make up all missing assignments.