• L2L


    The Pilot Point Independent School District rolled out the Linked to Learning (L2L) laptop program beginning Fall 2016. The laptop program included students in grades 5-12. Each student received a laptop computer to be used in the classroom as well as at home for educational purposes. Teachers used computer technology for instruction, assignments, projects, research, and assessment.

    In order for students to receive a laptop, a parent or guardian must pay a $50 Technology User Fee. This fee is required to support licensing and maintenance of the L2L program. Please see the Policy Handbook for costs of repairs. This money is not a refundable deposit nor is it insurance for breaks or damages to the computer. Families are responsible for the cost of repairs to the computer. Multiple breaks or neglect of computer during its care with the student may result in the revoking of privileges.

    Student laptops will be passed out after the first week of school. Campus administrators will determine if student laptops will be issued for students to use in the classroom only or if they may be taken home daily. Please see your campus administrator for questions regarding this decision. Acceptable User Policy and Google Education Suite (G-Suite) agreements must be signed and submitted.

    Please review with your child the L2L policy handbook prior to registration. This handbook can be found on the district website. The school district strongly recommends that parents and/or guardians consult with their insurance agents about coverage of the laptop under their homeowner insurance for theft, loss, or major damage.

    Please review the L2L Computer Handbook before attending registration the last page will need to be signed and submitted in order to check out the computer. You may read the handbook by clicking here. AUP Form may be found by clicking here. For Spanish click here. You must have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to fill it in online. After it is completed, it may be printed and turned in to your campus administration or you may save it and email it to Jami Woychesin, Director of Technology.