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Mrs. Ryann Balentine



Degrees and Certifications:

Child Development Associates Child Development Associates Renewal

Mrs. Ryann Balentine

My name is Ryann Balentine and I grew up in Hastings, NE. My mother was a Pre-K teacher and I had to follow in her footsteps. I love teaching and I love learning, here is my personal philosophy.

I believe that life is all about gaining knowledge and sharing what we have learned with our children. I feel that education is a lifelong process and the building blocks of learning are developed in the early stages of life. As a pre-k teacher, I believe that children learn best in an open-ended environment, which provides positive cognitive, social, and emotional guidance.

I believe that an early childhood classroom should be flexible and stimulating. I feel that children should have an organized, clean, and safe environment to meet. It should be a place where students can be engaged in learning and interact with things around them. My classroom is a safe environment to make those much-needed mistakes for learning through play. I understand what is developmentally appropriate and use teaching strategies that promote children's language, early literacy, curiosity, reasoning, and problem solving that lay out the foundation for their future education.

Each child learns differently and as their teacher, it is my job to help them explore which way works best for them. I am warm, supportive, responsive, and positive to each child each day. I absolutely know what makes a developmentally appropriate classroom, and it is my honor to be that amazing role model for them. I am constantly playing and laughing with my students, and I learn so much from each child every year that I teach. I will continue to further my education to benefit my children. 

I will strive to be the best supporting, and most nurturing teacher I can be.