Procedure for Non-Resident Student Transfer Request

  • 1. Parent or Guardian to obtain a copy of the Non-Resident Student Transfer Form by either downloading a copy from the district website, or requesting a form from campus or administration office.

    2. Parent or Guardian returns the completed form to the appropriate campus.

    3. Campus Principal shall consider availability of space and instructional staff as well as the student’s disciplinary history and attendance records.

    4. Campus Principal shall determine to either recommend or deny the applicant for transfer into the district based on the criteria listed above in number three.

    5. Campus Principal shall send the Transfer Request Form to the Superintendent along with a recommendation whether to accept or deny the applicant as a transfer student.

    6. The applicant may be enrolled once the Transfer Request Form has been approved and signed by both the campus Principal and district Superintendent.

    7. A signed copy of the Transfer Request Form along with a copy of the Transfer Agreement (If Approved) will be mailed from the Administration Building to the address provided by the parent. A copy of the Transfer Request Form will be sent to the campus principal as well.