• Pilot Point ISD considers the safety and security of our students and employees to be top priority. PPISD is continuously analyzing every aspect of our campus security measures. Every PPISD campus is guided by a detailed crisis management plan and conducts numerous drills throughout the school year, which includes what to do when we have safety and security issues.

    Pilot Point ISD utilizes an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), which is required by law, and was adopted by the PPISD Board of Education in 2006. The District holds regular safety meetings and conducts safety audits every three years. The EOPs are regularly updated in accordance with the most recent safety requirements and guidelines. Please understand that for the security of our students, staff, and parents, we cannot divulge the specifics of how we respond to certain security issues, but the safety of our students and staff continues to be the highest priority for our school district.

    At the school district level we will continue to:

    • View “safe and secure” schools as a journey, not a destination, and adopt policies proven to be effective in reducing risk;
    • Provide the utmost in training to all employees on security issues, including frequent updates;
    • Work with our local Police and Fire Departments to coordinate prevention and response activities;
    • Maintain "soft" lockdown at every campus, meaning all classroom doors remain locked while students are present;
    • Conduct regular drills and training to prepare for appropriate responses to a wide variety of emergencies;
    • Maintain security cameras at each campus and on all school buses;
    • Meet regularly with campus and district EOP (Emergency Operations Plan) teams;
    • Complete required campus safety and security audits throughout the District; and
    • Do all of these things as routine protocol rather than in response to tragedies in other locations.

    We will also continue to recruit, hire and train the kind of professional and support people who always place students first and who would react – should the unthinkable occur – with the same bravery and valor in protecting our children that our brother and sister educators in Newtown exhibited.


    Parent Security Check-In Information                  

    Parent Security Check-In (Spanish Version)


    2015-2016 Student Handbook

    Quick-Reference to Safety Procedures and Policies in PPISD's Student Handbook:
    Disruptions of School Operations, p. 34
    Personal Counseling, p. 34
    Dating Violence, Discrimination, Harassment, or Retaliation, pp. 36-39
    Gang-free Zones, p. 48
    Safety and Safety Drills, pp. 73-74
    Searches, pp. 76-78
    Suicide Awareness, p. 81
    Video Cameras, p. 83
    Visitors to the School, pp. 83-84

    Pilot Point ISD Board Policy Manual relating to School Safety:
    Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment Management Security: CLA
    Personnel Positions - Substitute, Temporary, and Part-time Positions: DPB
    Safety Program/Risk Management: CK
    Safety Program/Risk Management - Emergency Medical Equipment and Procedures: CKD
    Safety Program/Risk Management - Emergency Plans: CKC
    School Volunteer Policy: GKG
    Student Welfare - Crisis Intervention: FFB
    Student Welfare and Student Safety: FFF