Street sign depicting reasons to visit the counseling office : help, support, advice, guidance, assistance


  • We look forward to working with you and your student.  Together, we will ensure that every student has the necessary resources to succeed in high school and in future endeavors. Please send your counselor an email if you have questions or if you would like additional information on a specific topic.

    Office hours are 7:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. and by appointment. Because our schedules are so varied with presentations, meetings, or conferences, please call for an appointment to assure our availability to meet with you.

    The counseling office has resources available to students and parents. We have books, brochures, and information related to careers, scholarships, financial aid, available for your review.

    9th and 10th and Student Services Counselor - Lacey Martin        
    11th and 12th and College and Careers Counselor- Kevin Moffitt