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  • Hello, my name is Corey Haughton. My husband and I were married in 1986.  We both graduated from Liberty University.  My husband received his law degee for Regent University School of Law.  He has had his own practice in Aubrey since 1991.  We have three wonderful children, Jenna, Wes and Reagan. I believe that our children are our most valuable resource. 


    My Personal Philosophy on Education

        Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

    The same is true in education. Give a student names, dates and geographic locations and he can pass a test, tell the students the story behind those same names, dates, and locations, and he can pass the test, and tell you why it all matters.


    Learning is a process and teaching is the art and science of training others to become learners. I want to teach the children in my class to learn, to teach themselves. I want to give them the tools necessary to make learning possible and I want to instill in them a love of learning which will fuel a lifelong habit of exploration. Once a student develops a love of the learning process, it is the teacher’s job to give him or her the necessary tools, appropriate guidance, and then step aside.


    If children love learning, they will love coming to school, they will love study, they will ultimately love their work, they will learn to love, understand and appreciate their family, they will learn to love, understand, and appreciate their community, and they will learn to love, understand and appreciate who they are, why they are here, and what they should be doing.


    They will pass this love to their children, and their grandchildren, the neighbor kid, and sometimes kids they don’t even know. They will see opportunities to learn in everyday situations.


    Eventually, they will grow to become thoughtful, reasonable, moral fathers, mothers, employers and employees, city council persons, pastors, cops, ranchers and farmers, doctors, plumbers, electricians, writers, and lawyers.


    Education should build good, inquisitive people not skilled test takers. I intend to help create thousands of little questioning minds who want to know how everything works, why it should work and how to do it better.

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