Home of the fighting Bearcats!



Degrees and Certifications:

Home of the fighting Bearcats!


About Our School

Pilot Point Middle School supports grades 7 & 8.

The school colors are orange and black. We are the Bearcats!




Our Vision

We teach academics, which include the TEKS, ELPS and CCRS, life and social skills and empower students to be self-advocates

We encourage students and staff to learn, collaborate, hold each other to high expectations, instill confidence and genuinely care for one another

We strive to create students who can solve problems and set goals with confidence, who are intrinsically motivated and inquisitive 

Our classrooms create a positive and safe environment, where students feel comfortable, set clear expectations, and involve guided discovery

Our administrators are approachable, good listeners, supportive, fun, super-spirited, open-minded, motivated, encouraging, appreciative and genuinely care about the well-being of students and staff.

Our faculty creates a safe environment where kids can reach their and exceed their potential through positive collaboration

We endeavor to provide a quality instructional program that includes rigor, differentiated instruction and innovative technology to educate the 21st Century learner.