Policies to be Followed

  • Class Syllabus

    Teacher:  Ms. Casey Brinlee

    Room: 203

    Contact information: Phone: (940) 686-8740



    AvailabilityIf you need to meet with me regarding anything, please feel free to come in during tutoring times or set up another time with me.  You may also email me with questions or to arrange a time, as I check my email several times a day and during the evening.


    Classroom Expectations:

    All students are expected to comply with the PPHS policies and procedures as defined on the PPHS website and in the student handbook and code of conduct.



    Students are expected to follow the classroom expectations.

    The following behaviors will not be tolerated and will result in removal from class and a write up to the office:

    Bullying/ threatening other students

    Disrespect to teacher and/or classmates



    Students should be encouraged to attend school daily.  Since our class meets every day, they will miss information every time they are out.


    Interactive Noteboks:

    Students will be required to organize and maintain their notebooks daily. This is your daily responsibility as students and teaches organization and accountability. 


    Grading Policy

    Grade Weights-

    Daily Work      40%     Students will have at least 7 daily work grades each six weeks.  A quiz will count as two daily work assignments.

    Tests/Projects 60%     Students will have at least 3 test/project grades each six weeks     



    Your notebook will be one of the most important tools in this class. Your notebook will be spot checked often and graded every six weeks.  The spot checks will be a daily grade.

     * Class work

    Class work grades include work done in class as well as classroom participation. 


    Homework will be assigned as needed and is due at the beginning of the next class unless noted otherwise. 

     *Quizzes/ Tests/ Projects

    Students should come to school prepared to do their best on quizzes and exams as they determine the comprehension of the material taught.

    Any, classwork, notebook spot checks, homework, and quizzes are considered a daily or formative grade and will account for 40% of your grade.  Quizzes will count as two daily grades.  Any tests and projects are considered summative grades and will account for 60% of your grade.


    Grade Updating Requirement-

    All PPHS teachers are required to update their grades at least once a week.


    Make-Up Policy-

    All students will have opportunity to make up work from an excused absence.  The student will have the same number of days he missed plus one to make up for any missing work.  So, for example, if a student is absent for two days, he’ll have a total of three days to make up all missing assignments.

    *Please note- if a student misses an assignment, it will be recorded as a zero (0) in the gradebook even if the absence is excused.  This will help you to identify the work that needs to be made up and an accurate representation of what their grade will be if it is not.


    Late Work

    Late work can have a major effect on a student’s grade. Each day that assignment is late after those days, the grade will decrease.

    One day late-  15 points subtracted from graded paper

    Two days late-  30 points subtracted from graded paper

    Three days late-  student earns a 0

    *Policy goes into effect once the teacher has posted grades.



    Tutorials are available for any student who needs extra help or needs to make up work.  Times must be set up with teacher ahead of time.


    Semester Exams and Exemption Policy

    Only seniors may be exempt from final exams in courses for the first semester.   Both juniors and seniors may be exempt from semester exams during the second semester, provided that they meet all requirements.  In order to be exempt, the student must meet ALL THREE of the following requirements:  1) No more than three absences (excused or unexcused).  Medical absences or extracurricular absences will not count against the student; 2) No more than threetardies during the semester; 3) a class average of a 90 or above.


    Board Policy EIA(Local)

    Any student who has failed any assignment may redo that assignment, provided that the student has met the grading guidelines.   The maximum grade a student will receive will be a 70.  The student will have a total of five school days to redo the assignment once it has been posted in the gradebook.


    Classroom Rules of Conduct

    • Be on time
    • Do what’s right
    • Do what’s asked of you
    • Clean up your mess
    • Follow the Golden Rule


    • Discipline Plan
    • First Offense:  Warning – student will receive a verbal warning
    • Second Offense: Conference with student –parent/guardian will be contacted
    • Third Offense:  Lunch detention or after school ECO – student will be given a detention and a call will be made to the parent/guardian
    • Fourth Offense:   Two lunch detentions or 2 after school ECO – student will be given a detention and a call will be made to the parent/guardian
    • Fifth Offense:  Referral – student will be sent to the office and the parent/guardian will be contacted.