• The Basic Rules

    1. Be on time 

    2. Do what's right

    3. Do what's asked of you

    4. Clean up your mess



    Late Work:

    One day late-  15 points subtracted from graded paper

    Two days late-  30 points subtracted from graded paper

    Three days late-  student earns a 0

    *Policy goes into effect once the teacher has posted grades.


    Make-Up Policy:

    All students will have opportunity to make up work from an excused absence.  The student will have the same number of days he missed plus one to make up for any missing work.  So, for example, if a student is absent for two days, he’ll have a total of three days to make up all missing assignments.


    Grade Weights-

    Daily Work           40%        Teachers are required to have at least 7 daily work grades each six weeks.  A quiz will                                                              

                                                count as two grades but only as one assignment.

    Tests/Projects       60%        Teachers are required to have at least 3 test/project grades each six weeks           


    Grade Updating Requirement-

    All PPHS teachers are required to update their grades at least once a week.



    Any student who plagiarizes or cheats on any assignment or helps another student cheat will receive a zero on that assignment plus disciplinary action.