Please check the printed information in the file attachment above. It will be required before school starts (Fall 2018) so there is a grade penalty if it is not completed. Students should not wait until this time to try to complete the assignment because of the nature of it. Not completing the summer assignments will not solely allow the course to be changed in the fall at registration so students should be sure to complete the assignments as written. 



AP Human Geography (Freshman Year)

  • TEACHER: Robbie Perez

    ROOM: 113

    EMAIL: rperez@pilotpointisd.com

    WEBSITE: https://www.pilotpointisd.com/Domain/576

    PLEASE NOTE: Students in an AP course are expected to be highly motivated and dedicated. The students must be dedicated to learning the required material and mastering the methods necessary to pass an AP exam.  There is absolutely NO ROOM OR TIME for poor scholarship, citizenship, or attitude. Students exhibiting any of these qualities may be asked to withdraw from the course entirely. Please read the previous section for an understanding of the summer assignment for Summer 2018.