A smailing high school student with the words "Ready, Set, Go. Career."

Career Decision and Preparation

  • Whether a student is planning to enter the world of work, enter a technical school or apprenticeship, or attendend a community college or a university will depend on the type of work or career the student chooses to pursue. This decision can be one of the biggest decisions that a person will ever undertake as it can effect their finanaces, livlihood, and even happinees for their lifetime. You school counselors can help guide your students to find what career choice might best suit them. The following sites also can help the student to investigate his/her skills, abilities and interests in comparison with the requirements of certain jobs and careers. The site are as follows:

    TexasGenuine is a test that helps to identify the students top three Career Clusters for exploaration based on the students answers according to their interests

    AchieveTexas is an excellent site with an extraordinary amount of information about careers, career clusters, career information and research, and skills for the world of work. 

    Achieve Texas: Career Planning and Development Resources allow you to test your interests, skills, values,  personality type, etc. to help you become better aware of the internal dimensions that will lead to a great career fit.

    Career One Stop allows the user to explore different careers and even watch short videos that detail the day to day activities for particular careers.

    O*NET ONLINE is another resource that allows the user to explore and research different careers and different career clusters. This site can also show outlook for the career in terms of career growth or stagnancy.

    TexasCareerCheck.com is a new reference that lets use easily look at career statistics and explore college and trade school choices. 

    TexasOnCourse is a new reference that help student make choices as early as 7th or 8th grade to find a college major or career training.


    Great resource for career training and opportunities in Construction and Construction Management. Just read below:

    Construction Career Guide 2016