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Dual Credit Program


    The Dual Credit program is a joint program between Pilot Point ISD and NCTC in Corinth. Once the student follows all school steps and all NCTC steps to admission the student may take specific classes that allow for both PPHS credit (state credit) and NCTC credit (college credit). The following link provides general information from NCTC about the program to include its benefits, costs, and requirements:


    The dates have not been updated through NCTC as of yet but the information is presented here so the parents will understand the flow and requirements.


    If you will be new to dual credit for the 2018-2019 academic year,  reminders of deadlines for the Dual Credit Program will be made on the Pilot Point High School Facebook page and as part of the morning school announcements. 

    Although procedure for entry are subject to change, the general steps for getting into this program for 2018-2019 are as follows:

    • Attend a Parent Meeting regarding Dual Credit November 1 or November 8, 2017 at 7:00 at PPHS

    • Submit a completed copy of the GRIT SCALE and a copy of your STUDENT/PARENT DUAL CREDIT ORIENTATION FORM to the Counselor's Office by November 10th, 2017 to let us know you are interested in the program.

    • Submit an Application for College Admission at . Student should apply by November 17, 2017. There is no cost and application is easy. Students should start on it ASAP. The SS# must be correctly filled out on the application and all questions regarding parents and jobs and property must be filled out correctly. 

    • Return e-mail showing acceptance to NCTC to the PPHS Counseling Office by December 1, 2017. This should be the third e-mail the student receives during the application process. The correct e-mail will contain the student's new NCTC Login and password for their NCTC Student Portal. The student MUST take a picture of or write down their login and password as they will need it in other steps of the process.

    • Complete the TSI required Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) at the following link: . If for some reason this link will not work by selecting it, please cut and paste it into your browser or enter the address into your browser. It should work then. Bring a screen print of your PAA COMPLETION CERTIFICATE to the PPHS Counseling Office by December 8, 2017 (Students applying for acceptance in CTE Dual Credit do not need to do this step and can skip to the part about completing the DUAL CREDIT STUDENT REGISTRATION FORM). 

    • Register for TSI by paying for the appropriate test/s in the PPHS Counselor's Office (Some other tests that students may have taken may provide an exemption to parts of the TSI). If not excused, the Writing TSI is required to be passed for all English courses. The Math TSI must be passed for all Math courses. The Reading TSI must be passed for all other courses. Mr. Moffitt will provide the student information regarding what parts of the TSI the student still needs to take. In general, if the student has not taken the SAT or the ACT, the student will need to take the TSI. General information on the TSI can be found at TSI Testing Information and Resources. Payment for the TSI must be given to the PPHS Counselor's Office by January 10, 2018 ($10 per test or $25 for all three tests). 

    • PPHS will make the TSI available to students who are current on all required paperwork and processes at our campus, for two sitting , on January 15, 2018 at 8:30 AM and at 12:30 PM. testing will be held in Room # 105 at Pilot Point High School.  There will be additional testing on February 19, 2018 at 8:30 A.M. for students who wish to retest. Testing is held on days when school is not in session for students.

    • Complete the DUAL CREDIT STUDENT REGISTRATION FORM as provided to you by the Mr. Moffitt. The form must be filled out completely and accurately and must include both a student and a parent signature. The deadline for returning this form will be strictly enforced. The form will only be disbursed when all student requirements are completed in full. The form will go to the student The form can be returned to the Counseling Office no later than March 30, 2018.

    • Provide a copy of the record for a current Meningitis Vaccination to the Counseling Office if you plan on taking any online course (if the courses are not online courses, but solely taught by teachers on the PPHS campus, this is not necessary). The school will have a copy if it is current and you will only be told if you need an update. Online courses may require that the student go to the NCTC campus for teacher meetings, use of resources, or for proctoring of tests so require this updated vaccination. This documentation must also be provided no later than March 30, 2018.

    • Register for dual credit course through NCTC (In some instances we will bring NCTC to the campus for registration and students that miss will need to register at the NCTC Corinth Campus in person). In other instances, NCTC staff may handle the bulk of the registration activities for us. More information on the specifics of registration will be provided by Mr. Moffitt. Registration begins April 9th, 2018 (Tentative date). 
    • Make payment for classes if not a scholarship recipient or using a waiver if on Free and Reduced lunch. Payment for the classes are expected at the time of registration to avoid losing these classes. Students should check their MYNCTC Student Portal regularly during this registration period. Payment can be made by phone using a credit card, can be made at NCTC by cash, check, or credit card, or a payment plan can be set up that allows for multiple payments at different times during the semester. The student must go to their MYNCTC Student Portal to make payment once the student has been registered in the classes.
    • Appy for a scholarship for NCTC online for the next semester. General information can be found on the NCTC Scholarships page. Paper copies are no longer taken and all applications must be done online. Kim Carroll at the Scholarship Offfice at NCTC can address your questions at (940) 668-4907. Deadline for Spring is April 14th, 2018.

    • Purchase textbooks for the class at Corinth, Gainesville, or Flower Mound campuses (Corinth has the biggest bookstore and often has the most selection). Information about what textbook to buy can be found at Textbooks should be purchased before class begins on August 21, 2017 although, in many cases, it may be prudent to wait for the first day of class to receive instructor guidance on the textbook purchase as long as you can retrieve items quickly.

    • Make Mr. Moffitt aware of any changes you need to make to your schedule as all NCTC changes must go through the Mr. Moffitt to be valid on both schedules. Mr. Moffitt must be aware of all changes before August 20, 2018.

    • Activate your NCTC email prior to the first day of class. Go to MYNCTC at and enter Net ID (last,first initial, six digits) and Student Password (nine digit number) and use the quick link "Lion Pride Email" to activate your account. E-mail should be activated by August 20, 2018.

    • It is the student and their family's responsibility to provide all materials needed in the specific dual credit class at the start of the semester. Mr. Moffitt must be made aware immediately if you have difficulty purchasing your assigned textbooks. He must be made aware  by the end of the first week, August 24, 2018.

    In some cases students can do their own research to see which courses they can take at NCTC that will be the best fit with the institution they plan on attending. They can use the following tool to see if the institution they plan to attend takes the specific NCTC course as an elective or another category. If there isn't a direct articulation between the course offered at NCTC and the receiving institution, it does not mean the student will not be given credit for the course. it means that the student should dialogue with the recieving institution to learn how the NCTC class may be applied. The tool to be use can be found at The Texas Common Course Numbering System.

    Graduating Student Documents from New to Dual Credit Parent Meeting Feb 8 or 9, 2017

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