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PSAT/SAT/ACT Information

  • College testing is an important requirement for getting into the college, university, or junior college that you wish. The PSAT is offered at PPHS during each October for a nominal charge. The other two tests, SAT and ACT, are the responsibility of the student. The student must register, pay, select a site to attend for administration (usually within 30 miles of the school), take the test, and have scores sent to our campus and to the institutions the student wants to attend. 

    As a general rule, college-bound students take the PSAT during their freshman and sophomore year/years. Students then take either the SAT or ACT in their junior year and their senior year (if necessary). If students are still taking their SAT or ACT during their senior year, they must be aware of college acceptance deadlines so that scores are received by the college on time to make an admission decision. The following links should help with the understanding of and participation in these testing programs:


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