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    Rank One

    Rank One Online Registration Forms are now Live for athletic and non-athletic extracurricular activity registration.  

    In order complete this paperwork, students in grades 7th thru 12th must go through our website and register on Rank One.    

    It is important that the proper forms are selected and filled out completely on or before the due date listed.   


    In order to do this, please do the following:

    • Go to www.pilotpointisd.com
    • Click on High School
    • Scroll down and click on the Rank One link
    • There you can choose either the forms for Athletics or Non-athletics, based on the activities in which your child participates.    If your child is an athlete AND in something that is a non-athletic activity, choose the Athletics link.
    • Complete all required forms and electronic signatures and submit once you are finished. 

     In order to make the registration process as smooth as possible, please complete all required information by August 1st.   


    School Class Registration will be on August 2, 2018 at both the middle school and high school campuses. 


    Reminder:  Physicals for all grade are due by August 1, 2018 to the high school nurses office for all grades 7-12.  

    If you need the UIL medical forms these are available in the high school front office or on the UIL website.  

    • Make sure you are using the 2014 updated version of this form.


    If you have any questions, please contact the high school front office or email Jessica Peters at jpeters@pilotpointisd.com.