•  Grading Guidelines
    Daily Work        40%  (At least 7 daily grades each 6 weeks. A quiz will count as two grades)
    Tests/Projects    60%   (At least 3 test/project grades each 6 weeks).
    One day late- 15 points subtracted from graded paper
    Two days late- 30 points subtracted from graded paper
    Three days late- student earns a 0
    Make Up Policy-  All students will have the opportunity to make up work from an excused absence. The student will have the same number of days he missed plus one to make up for any missing work.  
    Board Policy- Any student who has failed any assignment may redo that assignment, provided that the student has met the grading guidelines.  The maximum grade a student will receive will be a 70.  The student will have a total of five school days to redo the assignment once it has been posted in the grade book.