• I'm thrilled to have you in my class this year!  For most students new languages are not easily learned.  I believe that languages are acquired through active involvement with the language.  My classes will be designed to minimize the amount of lecture and traditional direct instruction and to maximize student's participation in collaborative activities that have Hispanic culture and the use of Spanish as the core.
    Emphasis will be placed on the four components of language:  speaking, reading, listening and writing.

    In order to create a safe and happy learning environment, students will be expected to follow these four rules at all times.

    • Be on time.

    • Do what’s right.

    • Do what’s asked of you.

    • Clean up your mess.

    My classroom expectations are simple to follow.

    • Respect – above all, we are going to respect everyone in the class. Remember that we are all here to learn together and from each other.

    • Pay attention, participate and ask questions.

    • Electronic and online translators are not allowed in class and will only be used in very specific occasions when assigned by the teacher. The purpose of the course is to learn Spanish for communication and electronic/online translators poses a barrier to this goal.

    • Cell phone usage is strictly prohibited unless assigned by teacher. This includes: calling, answering calls, checking text messages, or performing any other cell phone task not required for the class. No exceptions will be made.