Food Service


Please note:

2015-2016 Lunch Prices:

Elementary and Intermediate

Breakfast- $1.25

Lunch - $2.35

Middle and High School

Breakfast- $1.50

Lunch - $2.85


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s campus cafeteria manager at the following number:

Elementary School – 940/686.8710, ext. 207                                                   Intermediate School – 940/686.8720, ext. 237

Middle School – 940/686.8730, etc. 407                                                          High School – 940/686.8740, ext. 232



There have been great changes in our cafeteria that need to be noted! The main difference being that the USDA is requiring that every child must take a fruit or vegetable on their tray at lunchtime as they go through the line. Most other guidelines for "building a meal" are the same as before. Your child may select an entree, may take milk if they want, and may have a choice of other fruits, vegetables, and bread items on the line. Another minor change is that the size of the vegetable and the fruit servings has increased to half a cup.

There will be more whole grain products offered this year and more fresh fruits and vegetables on the menu than in the past. There will also be more items made from scratch using "student tested" recipes.

Our menus come directly from ARAMARK and the national/regional team who has spent many months creating and assembling the menus and recipes specifically for school-age students. The major task the team has faced has been to meet the new federal requirements for student meals and what can be offered on a tray.

Please join us for breakfast or lunch and encourage your students to do the same!

 Create Your Own Lunch

Choose at least 3 of the 5 meal components
(1 fruit OR 1 vegetable plus a minimum of 2 other components)

 It's easy!
Extra servings of the same component or 6 or more components will result in an additional charge.


Click on the Meal Sense icon to access a copy of the application for free or reduced price meals available in the cafeterias. When you have completed this application, please turn it in to your student's cafeteria manager. Only one application is needed per family.







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