Greg Lane

Phone: 940-686-8740


Degrees and Certifications:

BSE-Ouachita Baptist University 1989

Greg Lane

Welcome to Coach Lane's webpage!  I'm starting my 4th year here at Pilot Point High School!

I currently teach Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance; Money Matters; Accounting 1 & 2; and MAPS.  I also am an assistant football coach, along with being the Head Golf Coach at Pilot Point High School.


My Schedule:

1st Period: Accounting 1

2nd Period: Money Matters/MAPS

3rd Period: PrinBMF

4th Period: Conference

5th Period: Study Hall

6th Period: PrinBMF

7th Period: Accounting 2

8th Period: Athletics


4 Basic Rules:

1. Be on Time

2. Do What's Right

3. Do What's Asked of You

4. Clean Up Your Mess

Make Up Work:

When you are absent, it is student’s responsibility to get your make up assignment from the instructor the day you return to class or check the teacher’s website at If class notes have been taken while you were out, you need to get them from another classmate or check teacher’s webpage. It is the student’s responsibility to turn in any assignments missed within two (2) days of an absence. Make up work that requires class time such as tests must be made up before or after school or at the teacher’s discretion. It shall not be made up during class! All make up work due to absences for school related activities should be completed before the absence, if possible (or within the two day period described above when lessons are of new material). If assignments are not made up by the deadline, a grade of zero (0) will be assessed. If student has an unexcused absence, student shall not make up the assignment missed.


Late Policy:

1 day late - subtract 15 points

2 days late - subtract 30 points

3 days late - "0" will be earned

*refer to student handbook for all other details

Class Information:

Accounting 1

Accounting 2

Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance

Money Matters